How to Sell Your Items at Collage

Our goal at COLLAGE is to provide high quality apparel and accessories at prices much lower than the general marketplace. Because our customers expect the highest standard of quality and style from COLLAGE, we must be exceptionally selective in the merchandise we accept on consignment.

How Do I Consign With COLLAGE?

  1. BROWSE the store to see the type of merchandise COLLAGE carries.
  2. PREPARE your items by laundering or dry cleaning the garments, eliminating or repairing those with stains, missing buttons, broken zippers and moth holes.
  3. BRING your items in on hangers between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday – Friday or by appointment on Saturday (or noon – 3:30pm on Sundays at the Vestavia Collage)  and COLLAGE will do the rest!

What Can I Consign?

FOR THE GUYS: The Vestavia location of Collage accepts mens items that are current styles and in perfect condition regardless of age.  Currently we don’t accept suits but we do accept items you would wear for date night, game day and business casual.  We love the accessories like briefcases, cologne, cufflinks, bowties, SHOES, suspenders, watches, wallets and gifts that were never really ‘you’.

FOR THE GIRLS: Both Homewood and Vestavia locations accepts ladies’ professional, casual and social wear as well as accessories including shoes, purses and perfume. Most of our jewelry is new, but we may accept unique pieces.  The Vestavia location has a special Curvy Girl department for sizes 16 and up, but both stores do very well selling XS to XL.

Items presented must be:

  • Of Chico’s/Ann Taylor/Anthropologie or better brands
  • In season and in style
  • Less than 2 years old or still VERY CURRENT STYLES
  • Pressed and on hangers
  • Clean, PERFECT condition

Consignment Terms

  • Items are consigned for 60 days.
  • Very expensive items such as furs must be covered by your insurance before they will be accepted on consignment.
  • Items dropped off that COLLAGE cannot use will be donated after 3 days if not picked up.
  • You receive 50% on items that sell for $100 or more and 40% on items that sell for less than $100.
  • If your account balance is under $30, you can get cash or use it as store credit anytime at either location of Collage.  Checks will be issued on account balances over $30 which can be picked up on or after the 15th of each month or mailed on request.
  • New accounts will be charged a $15 setup fee out of the first consignment check (no out-of-pocket cost).

Thank You for Consigning at COLLAGE!