Brenda and Allison

Collage’s Closet Concierge, Brenda Nelson and client, Allison Blankenship, CEO of Precision Speaking

What impressed me is how easily Brenda assessed my personal style and then quickly started putting terrific, and I mean terrific, outfits together. I could not keep up with her creativity! She organized 46 different outfits in just 3 hours — that’s 15 outfits an hour!!! I could never do that on my own…

     Best of all, she assembled really beautiful looks using some of my favorites by updating them with newer pieces and accessories.  She created outfits I never even knew I had — and now I’m excited to get dressed in the morning.  We took pictures of the clothes throughout the process, which I stored in a folder on my phone so that I can just browse through the pictures to choose what to wear. Plus, I was so inspired by Brenda’s creativity, that I put together an additional 20 outfits based on our work together — added bonus!
     SO very excited about this new service — everyone of your customers needs Brenda to come to their closets and create magic with their wardrobe!
Allison Blankenship

Although I work at Collage, I just tried our new Closet Concierge service for my fall/winter closet that needed a clean out! Brenda is awesome!!! We “trucked it” thru my closet & separated what we thought Collage might take & what needed to be donated or go away😊. Then Brenda styled a couple of my iffy pieces to show me how I could change up or hide what needs to stay hidden!

Now have
Rule #1….1 new item means 2 items go away.
Rule #2….always more than one way to put together a look.
Rule #3….wear what you love!!
My closet can stay smaller & organized & I’m happy with my choices for day & evening! She made suggestions on couple of items I need to look for to complete the season.

I kinda regret that I didn’t allow her to take before & after pics, but I had on no makeup & I was Hot! Will take some selfies as I wear new looks & post.

Check out our new program. You will love how she works with you. ❤️❤️💕

Julia Ann Fleming